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Since 2003 he has written 5 books on trading and taught over 21,000 students in 124 countries. He loves sharing his knowledge and passion for trading and feels that by teaching others it helps to make him a much better trader.
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The Top 5 Day Trading Mistakes

The Top 5 Day Trading Mistakes Revealed…   Whether you day trade forex, stocks, commodities or futures indexes, I see these top 5 mistakes being made over and over again.  (Keep in mind I’ve been trading since 1990 and coached over 14,000 traders since 2003.) Day Trading Mistake #1 - Watching too many markets.  Even […]

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Live trading forex workshop videos

At the end of April I mentioned that my good friend and forex fund manger Niko Mermigas was hosting a live forex trading workshop and…  During the month of May traders from around the world logged in to watch Nikos Mermigas not only teach the same strategies he charges his private students $3000 for, but to watch him […]

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Why spreading the risk equals long lasting wealth

If your a forex trader your familiar with not placing all your money on any one trade or in any one currency pair.  To do so is a certain recipe for disaster. So good money management dictates that you would not risk more than 2% on any trade and you would want to spread your […]

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The true secret to forex trading success - No Kidding!

Pssst. Want to know a little secret?  The secret to the forex trading vault? Well your not going to find it in the “Flavor Of The Month Holy Grail System.” It actually ridiculously easy to learn and understand, but very hard to apply in the real world of live trading when your hard earned money […]

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What’s the fate of the Euro?

A good mate of mine from Australia asked me this… “I’d be interested to hear your thoughts thoughts on the Euro dollar ”if” Greece leaves the Euro on the 18th of june (17th is their govt elections) Do you think the Euro D. will increase/decrease in value if Greece leaves the Eurozone?” I’ve  received the […]

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Swing Trading Mastery 30 day live work shop

Last month I mentioned that my friend and professional money manager Nikos Mermigas was hosting a live 30 day forex trading workshop.  It was a huge success and he blew traders away. You can read here a recap of the event: http://www.spartantraderfx.com/2012/05/31/live-trading-room/ Unlike most people selling programs he’s not afraid to trade live with real […]

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Street Smart Forex Trading Tip #2

As a new trader to any of the financial markets you will need to go through several phases to complete market mastery. PHASE 1:  As a newbie it pays to learn a lot of strategies to get a general feel for all the types of trading. At this point you don’t need to find your […]

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Street Smart Forex Trading Tip #1 - Are you a “Demo Millionaire?”

Over the past 8 years I’ve worked with well over 11,000 traders and I’ve learned a ton from them. I’ve also seen a lot of common stumbling blocks happening over and over again that prevent even the most well intentioned traders from ever making even one dollar. Let me share one road block in particular […]

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Don’t believe the forex hype! How To Avoid Excessive Risk.

Awhile back I did a couple of articles on my blog at www.askjeffwilde.com about how system performance results can be highly misleading due to the system being over-optimized by it’s creator. I want to bring to light another way that your being mislead when it comes to the reported performance numbers some systems brag about. […]

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Live free forex trading workshop

I’m going to keep this short and sweet… Starting May 2 my friend Nikos will be holding a free daily live trading workshop. It will run throughout May. This is something you rarely get to see as most traders are too scared to trade in real-time in front of a group. Nilos will do scalping, […]

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