Swing Trading Mastery 30 day live work shop

Last month I mentioned that my friend and professional money manager Nikos Mermigas was hosting a live 30 day forex trading workshop.  It was a huge success and he blew traders away.

You can read here a recap of the event:


Unlike most people selling programs he’s not afraid to trade live with real money in front of hundreds of people.  Anyway, during the month of May traders from around the world saw him make over 1000 pips on  series of trades.  Many traders also jumped in and racked up triple digit gains.

The bottom-line is there was no smoke and mirrors and he demonstrated without a shadow of a doubt why he’s a professional money manager.  I know Nikos would be uncomfortable with me talking him up, but there are so few traders that walk the talk that I really feel he’s needs to be acknowledged.  Anyway…

Starting Tuesday june 5 he’s going to do a live 30 day swing trading workshop.

I would highly suggest you check it out.  Heres’ some of the things he will be covering…

  • Talk about our trading background
  • We will learn to choose the right forex pairs, and other products for our trading
  • We will organize our screen with the selected pairs we want to trade
  • We will do our analysis, draw trend lines and choose the right timeframes
  • We will look for setups and trade the signals live
  • We will manage the swing trades together and learn to follow our trading rule
  • We will discuss all issues and create a trading plan and journal for each trader
  • We will learn to follow the trading plan and set goals
  • You will learn to absorb what is very useful on the charts and reject everything useless
  • You will learn to and focus on your success instead of focusing on failure.
  • We will practice some tricks to overcome fear and greed
  • You will learn how to avoid previous mistakes, so you can improve your skills faster
  • You will learn to discover and improve your relation to money
  • You will learn to take responsibility for your actions and your personal trading business

To get more info or to signup please go here: http://www.spartantraderfx.com/swing-trading-mastery/


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