Want to make more money trading the markets?

Do you really want To Make Way More Money Trading Then You Currently Are?

If you answered yes, then Get Out Of Your Own F**king Way!!!

My apologies if that offends you and double sorry for those of the fairer sex but…

This information really can mean the difference between being in the 5% group of traders who make money and the 95% who wish they were making money. So… For this reason I wanted to make absolutely certain I grabbed hold of your ear.

I’ve been mentoring traders since 2000 and every few months I get an email like this…

“Hey Jeff, Your program does not work, I want my money back.”.

I then write back and say I would be happy to, but since you left no details, let me see if I can pinpoint where your problem is. I then ask them a few basic questions like…

“Did you remember to place your stops in the areas I mentioned?”

“Did you remember to ride your trades to the profit areas I taught you?”

“Did you have a clear-cut setup in place or did you jump the gun?”

And here is the typical reply…

“Well, I didn’t really place a protective stop because I thought I would just wait and see what the market does next.

Then they said, “as far as the targets go, I didn’t use them as I got nervous about how the market was behaving and bailed out after I was up a few dollars. ”

In answer to the final question I would get something like… “Well… Sometimes yes, but other times I was getting a little bored and decided to jump the gun a bit”. Sometimes they would say, “well I also decided to to throw another indicator into your system for more confirmation”.

I then said, listen I am still ok with you getting a refund, but please do me this one small favor and show me some of the trades you took.

I then did the math again applying the rules properly and they went from being a loser to earning some significant profits. Once they saw this, I could hear the ‘penny drop’ and a long “oohhhh” over the internet.

I said, “no method is ever going to be perfect, but in this case you beat yourself. Instead of following the rules, you changed a winning strategy into a losing one.

I then said, “the simple truth is my strategy didn’t fail you, you failed you!”

And this my friends, is what I see all the time. I now know after working with well over 11,000 traders that the markets don’t beat traders, instead 90% of the time traders beat themselves.

So the next time you go buy any trading book, DVD program or attend a seminar and it doesn’t SEEM to work, see if anything I just discussed rings a bell. I can tell you from personal experience that I have dug up old trading books and startegies that I thought were useless 15 years ago and now can make them work. Why?… Because after careful examination, I realized much of the time I was simply sabatoging myself.

This is a mega-huge topic and I will write a follow up article in the near future.

Hope this gives you some food for thought and ultimately put more money in your pocket.


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